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Cats Purrfect Rescue


Our loving, never kill sanctuary, provides nurturing compassion, nutritious food, optimal veterinary care for 300+ animals daily, with hundreds of rescues and purrfect placements annually.

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Success Story

Mewsique, A young emaciated lactating feral feline mother, appeared on our steps in August 2005. Unable to rescue her because she was nursing kittens, in an obscure location, several daily feedings began at 5 a.m. Always starved, she consumed many cans of food daily, combined with vitamins and antibiotics to prevent infection, during A rainy spell. Drenched and tired each dawn, she ate in the waterproofed kennels provided. Finally, the rainy days subsided. Mewsique brought her litter to our porch. Seizing the moment, I immediately rescued Mewsique, and her 3 kittens, in two large kennels on a Sunday, 10/16/05. The closed veterinary hospital opened especially for their admittance. Once again, Mewsique and her very healthy playful kittens were together in a large cage, with the love and warmth of each other nestled together. Then the it happened….After Mewsique was spayed, thoroughly tested/vaccinated, she remained separated from the kittens so her stitches could heal. On 10/23/05, Sweet Dreams was found dead in her cage, without symtoms of any illness. On 10/28/05, Monet became lethargic and died. It was determined, and proven positive in Tapestry that panleukopenia (feline distemper), a highly contagious virus, incubating in each kitten for a few weeks before their rescue, had been the tragic cause of death. Tapestry, quietly succumbed on 10/31/05. The unrelenting love and sacrifice displayed by Mewsique for her kittens has touched us all. After a 7 months stay at the animal hospital, Mewsique received medical clearance as a carrier of the disease. She entered our sanctuary and is living happily ever after!