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Raising A Reader

Real Life

One of the people attending the parenting class in California for the past six months was a father named Ruben. When he first came to class, he explained that he had very little, if any, interaction with his children. Ruben felt he wasn't able to be a good father and, even if he could that it was too late to establish a better relationship with his children. After attending the first 3 classes, he was still unsure that he could turn things around and be the father he envisioned.

In one of the classes, the instructor talked about the importance of getting children to read at an early age and explained how the Raising A Reader program worked. Ruben showed an interest in doing this with his children, but was concerned because he did not speak fluent English. With a little encouragement and a lot of determination, Ruben not only set out to learn how to instill a love of reading in his children, but also to become more fluent in English.

Over time, Ruben's English improved, as did his confidence in becoming a more active father and using reading as a way to connect with his children. The staff at the parenting center sensed he was ready to bring the Raising A Reader program home, and gave him the red bag filled with books for the first week.

The following week Ruben shared with the class that for the first time he had read to his children, and that his children were pleasantly surprised when he asked them. Ruben read to his children every day that week, and eventually established a regular schedule of reading, getting new books every week from Raising A Reader. Ruben has instilled in his children a love of reading, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives