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Green Empowerment


Collaborating with in-country partner organizations to build life-changing clean water and renewable energy infrastructure with Indigenous and rural communities in Latin America, SE Asia, and Africa.

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Wind Brings Light to Schools and Homes in Peru

Edwin lives in northern Peru. His family's house has been illuminated by candle and kerosene light his whole life. He has studied by a small flicker of light sometimes blown out by the wind. With the help of Green Empowerment and its local partner, Practical Action, Edwin and 20 households in his community now have wind turbines. They use the same wind to light their homes which once extinguished the candles. One family uses the electricity to power a radio transmitter to play music and make announcements over the radio waves that reach everyone within 50km. A 500-watt wind turbine provides electricity for Edwin's school, including light to the school's classrooms and power for a DVD player and two new computers donated by the local government.

As the result of Green Empowerment's renewable energy projects, families like Edwin's spend less money on lighting, have fewer respiratory and eye illnesses, and can engage in other activities after dark. For example, children can spend more time studying, and adults have longer evenings for productive and social activities. Communities have better communication with the world, beyond their isolated village. Finally, communities are empowered to manage their own energy and water systems and to undertake other village development projects.