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Mission Safety International, Inc.


Flying/maintaining aircraft in remote areas can be very dangerous. We work with experienced aviation and safety volunteers worldwide to help mission aviation organizations operate and maintain their aircraft safely spreading the Gospel and saving lives.

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Success Story

The call came out of the blue. "Cheri*, I was just checking if you were home. I need to come see you right away." The voice of the aviation program manager on the line was distant, detached, but ominous. Cheri felt like she had been kicked in the stomach. Since she and her husband Steve had first arrived to work with the mission organization providing air support in this remote place, concerns about Steve's safety had never been far from her mind. It wasn't that the organization was unsafe, or didn't care about safety. On the contrary, they took great pains to provide safe and efficient service. But the weather, the airstips, the heat, the lack of services, and the sheer remoteness was more than they had ever imagined. Steve had been tested to his limits on many occasions, finally not even bothering to tell Cheri about his close calls any more, because it scared her so much. Now the voice on the line could only mean one thing. Steve had left this morning to fly to one of the most challenging airstrips and was overdue...

Experiences such as Cheri's have occurred much too often. Mission Safety International is dedicated to making sure families of pilots and passengers on aircraft operating in mission work around the world don't experience the loss of their loved ones. Help us make a difference!

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals