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United States Catholic Mission Association


USCMA serves Catholic missionaries who have been sent, by the Church, to proclaim Jesus Christ to the world. They need a place where they can refresh, renew, and reinvigorate their heart for mission. USCMA is that place through its webinars, resources and consultation services. Support our missionaries.

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Here is what members say about USCMA:
USCMA is a graced opportunity to be renewed and strengthened to carry on the message of Jesus. USCMA must continue to be a voice for mission. Communities and individuals who embrace their baptismal call to mission...(REV. WAYNE PAYSSE,Director-Black and Indian Mission);

USCMA is a chance to step away from everyday preoccupations into Mission-a return to what I remember (REV. BILL MORELL, OMI, Vicar Provincial);

USCMA is important more than ever to help Catholic Americans to do mission right for the salvation of all peoples both in and outside the US (REV. JOHN BARTH,Maryknoll);

USCMA helps people realize that they have not ended their mission experience once they return. Mission work continues back in the US through education (ALISA MACKSEY, Director, Lasallian Volunteers);

USCMA remains for me the "place" where missioners gather to research, celebrate, articulate, and challenge one another on the very live reality of what mission is. (REV. ROCCO PUOPOLO,Africa Faith and Justice Network Director)