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United Ukrainian American Relief Committee


UUARC provides aid to Ukrainians worldwide, funds educational & humanitarian programs; distributes medical supplies, clothing, meals; aid to wounded soldiers,refugees,families of deceased soldiers; orphans & the elderly, assistance to new immigrants.

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Success Story

      New Year's Eve of 2015 was a memorable one for Roman. On December 29th, specialists were fine tuning the configurations of bionic prosthesis sensors to his left biomechanic hand.

      Before the events on the Maidan in Kyiv, Ukraine, the life of a boy from Lviv, Roman Dziivinsky, was nothing special. He just graduated from high school and quickly mastered the construction business, where he was employed. At the end of 2013 he left everything and came to the capital to take part in the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity and volunteer to help those in need, with hopes for positive change in his country.

       On February 6th, volunteering at an aid tent, an unknown person handed Roman a package “with gifts and medicine” for those who stand against the corruptive government and the system. He did not hesitate to look inside. The package exploded. Roman remembers running out of tent, seeing blood and no left hand.

       The diaspora through United Ukrainian American Relief Committee collected funds for his bionic prosthesis ($47,000). Roman can now write, eat, do different work at home and even ride a car. It gave him a chance to finish his higher education and live his life to the fullest. He continues to help those in need.

      Ukraine’s quest for independence and the struggle continues. This is only one example of the many that UUARC has helped. There are many more to help - the wounded and their families, the children of those who died in the conflict, the elderly.