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Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)


We work in places where poverty, war and displacement have shattered innocent lives. Across the Middle East, NE Africa, India and Eastern Europe, we help Pope Francis to alleviate poverty, affirm human dignity, build up the church -- and inspire hope.

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Across the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe, Catholic Near East Welfare Association works in places where poverty and displacement shatter innocent lives.

In 1926, Pope Pius XI founded CNEWA to aid the Eastern Catholic Churches and the needy people they serve. Today, we're still fulfilling that mission on behalf of our Holy Father in Rome. With your support, CNEWA ensures that local churches and religious sisters — who run medical clinics, schools, orphanages and other care facilities — have money to do their work.

In chaotic cities and rural villages, as well as in refugee settlements teeming with desperation, CNEWA is helping to nurture children. We're working to protect the elderly and disabled. We bring comfort to the sick, hungry and frightened. We support the training of devoted sisters and priests, so they can help others survive.

CNEWA isn't a massive global relief organization. You won't see warehouses filled with emergency supplies stenciled with our name. But we do support vital projects that larger agencies find too small, too local or too specialized to address. Some of our projects provide pastoral care to local Christians. Most of the projects we support help everyone in need, regardless of faith.

In more than a dozen countries, CNEWA helps spread kindness to the abused. Charity to those who have nothing. Compassion to all who need it. As one Catholic sister we work with explains, "We don't help people because they're Christian. We help because we are."