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Children's Cancer Aid and Research Institute


Awards grants to hospitals that do childhood cancer research and treat children fighting cancer. Ships medical supplies, medical equipment and humanitarian aid to programs that treat childhood cancer and other degenerative diseases. Supports summer camps.

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Success Story

Lupita is now 16. She lives on the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Her home is a dark shack with a dirt floor that she shares with 10 members of her family and 2 babies. They have no running water or electricity.

In 2006, at the age of 14, Lupita was diagnosed with an ovarian teratoma (a congenital tumor). Lupita underwent 2 surgeries, followed both times with chemotherapy. The 2nd surgery was a complete hysterectomy. Her chance of survival was slim. Her family was befriended by a lady, Katherine, who owns an organic restaurant. The Gerson Institute, sponsored by grants from Children's Cancer Aid and Research Institute, gave Katherine a full scholarship for a Gerson caregiver course and a used juicer for Lupita. A new kitchen was added to the side of the dark shack: electricity was added and now there is a refrigerator to store the organic produce. Funds were donated to provide medical diagnostic tests.

Lupita started the Therapy in March of 2007 as best she could. By April she had a good juicer, medications and was doing the modified therapy.

On June 28, 2007 she had a CT scan, which showed no tumor regrowth. Her CBC was normal. She is feeling well and continues to do well.

Lupita's story shows that even a person with severe limitations, living conditions and deprivations is able to do the Gerson Therapy-and if Lupita can do it, anybody can do it!