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Childhood Leukemia Foundation


Hair loss shouldn't be an embarrassing factor for kids fighting pediatric cancer! We provide human hair wigs, STEAM inspired Wish Baskets to lift their spirits, and iPads to keep these children connected to their family, friends and schoolwork.

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Success Story


We cannot thank Childhood Leukemia Foundation enough! Sloane received her iPad and we wanted to let you know how beyond grateful we are!!! Sloane is only four and was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). Her iPad helps distract her during dressing changes to her broviac (which can be painful and difficult), it assists in entertaining her during wait time at the clinic, and aids in her learning with learning apps. It has even become a motivational tool for all of the oral meds she takes (we give her extra iPad time if she takes all of her oral medications throughout the day).

This iPad has brought Sloane an extreme amount of happiness, as she has wanted one, but we weren’t able to afford it!

Thanks again, for helping to bring utmost merriment to our brave cancer fighter! Your organization has definitely helped us to get through these trying times.


Ashley (Sloane’s mom)