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Cancer Prevention and Aid Institute


Every two minutes a woman will die of cancer somewhere in the world. Overall, research shows that one-third of the most common cancers could be prevented. 90% of cervical cancer is curable. Please help us stop this needless suffering!

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I'd like to thank you for this program! Especially to the kind gentleman in charge of the Montebello School market this morning. I'm taking this produce and several brochures to a baby shower today and it will be greatly appreciated. I'll also be making an online donation to you next week. Thanks so much!


Name: Sharon


I have been attending your market now since last Nov. and have been amazed and delightfully surprised at the variety of produce you are able to make available to us.So thank you so much.I am a grandmother raising two grandchildren and one is severe special needs and I make a lot of my own soups,sauces and veggie dishes. So that he can eat healthier and I can afford it.I could not do this without your organization.And I let other grandparents know of your company as well as help other neighbors or the school that my grandson attends.On a fixed income it is not possible to help without your company helping us.In the times we are in, it is nice to know that companies like yours help so many.Please keep up the good work.And god bless you all.




January 23,