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National Guard Youth Foundation


Furthering the education and employment of every young man and woman willing to make a real commitment to pursuing a positive future. 16-18 year old dropouts are eligible for a 17 month program, graduating with scholarships, job training and opportunities.

Real Life

A couple of weeks ago, I graduated high school. It seems like a fairly ordinary task completed by several thousand teenagers annually. But for me, it had sadly become impossibility. As my life continued in a cruel downward spiral, I felt I was helpless but to watch myself sink. The real tragedy was my educational suicide. I did NOTHING to stop myself from failing. I blamed teacher, adults, police, and my parents. My parents were devastated.

Grizzly Youth Academy was my second, second chance. I was skeptical. How could a program that was only 5 months long POSSIBLY change me. I didn't see anything wrong with my life. I was happy with my truancy record at school, with my mornings full of hang-overs. I didn't know how much more there was to life.

The sergeants were the key; they were the most caring and wise counselors. They were vital to my success. Thanks to Grizzly Youth Academy, I graduated with honors, a High School Diploma, and I was valedictorian with a scholarship. I learned more than math and essays. I learned so much about myself that I could've never learned on my own. I actually had a passion for learning and knowledge. I learned that I can succeed in anything I choose to do. I always had to aptitude to success, just not the proper attitude to execute.

Thanks to Grizzly, I got to see my name in the local newspaper recognizing me for my achievements in high school. My dream came true.It is for this reason, that programs like Grizzly are VITAL. . If lives could be changed, and hope restored both in parents and failing students, then we are one step closer to making this world a better place. It is the hope in the youth that carry them to success in their futures!