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Special Operations Warrior Foundation


Provide scholarship grants and counseling to children of special operations who die in the line of duty. Provide financial assistance to wounded special operations personnel.

Real Life

Special Ops Warrior, Dad Remembered

I was 11 years old living on a military base in Yongsan in Seoul, Korea. I remember being excited because my younger sister and I were going out for the day with our mother. But there was a knock on the door. Two men in uniform stood there. My mother sent us outside to play - exploring the parks and climbing trees - while the two men tell our mother that her husband, our father, a West Point graduate, a 20-plus year soldier, a Special Operations hero, is dead. That was my September 24, 1994.

My name is Courtney Robinson and I am the daughter of LTC Craig Robinson, Army Special Forces. Like all parents, my father wanted the best for my sister and me.

From that fateful day forward, there has always been a void. Nothing can bring him back, but the Special Operations Warrior Foundation stepped in to make sure my sister and I received a college education and my father's sacrifice was not forgotten. More than a check in the mail, the SOWF became part of my family

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides scholarship and counseling assistance to children of fallen Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps special operations personnel who are killed in an operational or training mission.

This is my story. Sadly, I know there are more stories like mine, but I know the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will always be there to ensure that a story of hope unfolds.