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Institute for Creation Research


ICR conducts scientific research that helps Christian believers develop a greater confidence in the accuracy and authority of the Bible. We glorify Jesus as Creator and Savior as we answer some of the most challenging questions of faith and science.

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Success Story

"I was raised in an atheist home. My father was enamored with evolution and I can still remember him talking about it when we were just children. In the fall of 1979 someone from ICR came to my Canadian university to talk about 'Evolution vs. Creation.' I went to the lecture and it was such an incredible experience, like walking into a room full of light and being able to see for the first time. All the pieces fit together perfectly, and I could see that God truly did create us, just as it says in the first book of the Bible. Since I was a biochemistry major, I already knew about the complexity present in life all around us. It would take much, much more faith to believe that all of this happened by chance over millions or billions of years. Such an intricate design demands a designer. The part that ICR played in my life was so important that I have held this organization dear to my heart and have felt privileged to be a supporter all these years." —Pat B.