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Acts of Christian Kindness


Training Christians to evangelize through kindness - sharing the love of a caring God in 50 states and 100+ countries. Ignite change and implement the lessons of the Bible, and connect people to Jesus Christ one Planned Act of Christian Kindness at a time.

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Success Story

Carol was gazing out of her kitchen window that overlooked her yard. She found herself praying to God because her two sons were serving our country in Iraq. Her arm was also in a sling because she had slipped on some ice and dislocated her shoulder. On top of all that the wind that morning caused her attention to be drawn to all the blowing leaves piling up in her yard. She took her concern to the Lord, "What am I going to do with the leaves this year? I can't rake them and my sons can't either. Lord, I am helpless." She then began to work around the house doing as much as she could with her one good arm. It could not have been an hour later when she walked past that same window and something caught her eye. She did a double take because she could not believe what she was seeing. A group of youth were raking the leaves in her yard! After they had neatly raked them to the front curb, one of them knocked on her door. He told her they did not want any money, but instead handed her a Christian Kindness Card and told her that they were sharing God's love with her through a Planned Act of Christian Kindness®. He told her that God's love is free just like the leaf raking. Carol closed the door and immediately knelt to her knees telling God, "I have been a Christian all my life, but I have never felt your power and presence like this. No matter what happens to me for the rest of my life I will never doubt you again!" That very day, Carol rededicated her life the Christ.