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American Indian Services


AIS provides pathways out of poverty through education - funding College Scholarships, Literacy, Mentoring & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs for Native American students. Help us preserve the culture & heritage of Native Americans.

Real Life

My name is Dzani N. Little from the Navajo Nation Tribe. I will be graduating with my bachelor’s in construction management from Arizona State University.

I feel that I needed the AIS scholarship because I am currently pulling student loans to complete my education. I work full-time, but the income from that job goes to my rent, the small amount of food I can afford, and school. This past semester I barely managed to purchase my books. I had to borrow different students’ textbooks until I was able to afford the textbooks for myself.

I am very devoted to my education. It takes a lot of time management, especially when you work full-time. I’ve had many long nights of constant reading, studying, and writing to keep up with assignments. Despite these struggles I see myself as a successful indigenous woman. I taught myself time management so that I could be productive each day of the semester.

I was raised by my grandmother who always encouraged me to pursue a career. She taught me that being a Native American, you will always conquer what you set your mind to. And it doesn’t matter where you come from, all you need is your Native teachings to guide you through your journey.

My motivation in completing my education is to be a good example for the small community I came from. My community has a small percent of college graduates and I want the future generation of my community to know that college is possible to complete regardless the struggle you’re in. 

You are doing a great thing by donating and helping small-town indigenous students like me who need help in pursuing their careers. Slowly together we will raise the percentage rate of college graduates.

- Dzani Little