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Domestic Violence Hotline, National


Too many people are prisoners of violence in their own homes, too terrified to seek help. Our professionally-staffed hotline, online chat and text services operate 24/7 to provide lifesaving resources and immediate support to enable victims to find safety.

Real Life

Who is calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline?

  • A young pregnant woman in Boston says her husband hit her last night and her three year old son tried to stop him. She asks if we know someone in her area who can help her. Referrals are provided.

  • A Spanish-speaking victim in Arizona needs shelter for herself and her three children and wants to return to her hometown. A Hotline advocate calls a shelter in Phoenix, connects with a Spanish speaking counselor, and gets the counselor's name and directions to the shelter for the caller.

  • A father in San Francisco calls to talk about his daughter, who moved to New Jersey and who hasn't called him in three months. He knows her boyfriend is abusive, and he wants to tell her how to get help in New Jersey when he calls her. A Hotline advocate gives him the names and numbers of several programs in New Jersey, and the name of San Francisco programs in case she returns home.