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Children's Emergency Relief International


Impoverished children abandoned by their families and targeted for trafficking and enslavement. Help us keep them safe; help us prepare them for an independent future.

Real Life

Alexandru is the youngest of his siblings with parents who could not support them. He was placed and educated in a Moldovan orphanage due to his family's poverty. Alexandru was an intelligent child and dreamed about going to high school and then to college after graduating from the 9th grade in the orphanage, but due to his financial situation, he did not think it was possible.

However, CERI had a Transitional Care Program that provided him with life-skills training and a social worker who advised and assisted him financially, emotionally, and academically throughout his higher education, and until he was able to live independently without financial support.

Thanks to CERI's program he was able to attend the Technical University of Moldova, where he studied energetics and graduated with high grades. He is now working in the energetics field and has become a productive young man, fully able to support himself.

Children in Moldovan orphanages age out after graduation from the 9th grade at age 16 or 17 and are forced to leave. With no life skills and no means to survive, most are subject to life on the streets where they often fall prey to human trafficking or prostitution. CERI's Transitional Care program steps into the gap to help these youth continue their education, make good life choices, and learn to support themselves.