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International Women's Democracy Center


When women participate in democracy, we all win. IWDC is strengthening women's global leadership through training, education, networking and research to increase women's participation in politics, policy and decision-making. Help us achieve parity!

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IWDC partnered with Emang Basadi, the National Women's Association of Botswana to facilitate a 3 year training program: "Vote for Women Candidates" to increase the number of women candidates to stand for office. IWDC trained 35 women from 9 political parties in the technical skills of how to run for office, then trained them how to train others. Then wrote a guide book on the workshop so they could return to their communities and train others.

IWDC returned after the primary elections and women candidates for parliament increased from 3 to 11 and women candidates for local council increased from 70 to 159. IWDC will continute the partnership with Emang Basadi to facilitate the Southern Africa Women's Leadership Project-SAWLP - designed to train 4,000 women in 8 countries how to run for elected office. SAWLP is in direct response to the increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS and the need for women to be in policy and decision making positions in order to address sexual behavior from the perspectives of culture and tradition.