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Cancer Prevention and Research Fund


Cancer will ravage over 1.5 million defenseless people in our communities this year! One-third of common cancers can be prevented! Please help us stop the needless suffering. Your donation will help provide aid and prevention to the most vulnerable!

Real Life

I picked up my first 3000 Club offering of produce on Saturday. It was hard to get there but the reward was wonderful! I received enough produce to create quite a few meals and will probably be able to share some future offerings with those in my low-income apartment complex.

So I'm writing to say thank you to you and to the 3000 Club for providing such a marvelous service to our community. I know it has already made a difference in our lives. (smile)

With thanks and blessings,

"Thank you for inviting us to Market On The Move! What a great opportunity to be a part of rescuing produce and providing it to all of us! I picked up my produce at Grace Chapel, gave some away to a neighbor. Then made sometomato soup and cooked my string beans for dinner tomorrow. Excited!! I'm definitely becoming a 3000 Club Memberright away.

I am so excited to have joined. I learned of market on the move a little over 3 weeks ago. I have gone every Saturday since. I love it, I love preparing and sharing or just sharing. You are genius. This is got to be one of the most stimulating events that I have ever gone to. I look forward to what I will choose from the next week. I spend most of the afternoon preparing whatever delight I find. I am back in the kitchen, thanks to your great organization. Many thanks