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Organization Information

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee


UUARC provides aid to Ukrainians worldwide, funding educational & humanitarian programs; distributing medical supplies, clothing, meals;providing aid for medical treatment;aiding wounded soldiers & refugees;conduct immigrant programs in USA.

Real Life

On February 6, 2002 the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story about Volodymyr Lukyanenkov, a Ukrainian Engineer from Sevastopol who had been forced to work in the officially "cleaned-up" nuclear facility in Chernobyl. After years of vocal protests that radiation was still at unsafe levels, Mr. Lukyanenkov had left his family in Ukraine and come to America to establish a better life for them.

In January 2002, Lukyanenkov was taken to Harrisburg Hospital, complaining of severe stomach pain. Doctors found cancer attributable to radiation exposure. The article mentioned that Lukyanenkov's final wish had just been fulfilled - to see his wife and mother one last time.

Stefan Hawrysz, the Executive Director of United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc., contacted the hospital Feb.6, and on Feb.10, with President Dr. Larissa Kyj, and Vice-President Mrs. Luba Siletsky, drove to Harrisburg, offering both moral support and financial aid for Lukyanenkov's family. Lukyanenkov's fear that his family would not be taken care of had been eased. Through his oxygen mask, and through his pain, he blessed UUARC for their help!

The Lukyanenkov family lost Volodymyr three days later, but thanks to many generous people in the Harrisburg area, he was buried in his native Ukraine.