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Fellowship Association of Saint Therese


Help us save the lives of unborn babies by persuading pregnant women to carry their babies. We will support the mothers and raise the children.

Real Life

At the age of sixteen, Thuy has to leave her poor home town in Western high Land, Vietnam. She went to Saigon to be a waitress for a restaurant to earn money for her study.

Because of her needs she was cheated by her chief who has been married with children. Thuy has been pregnant for 4 months and she could not wear uniform to do her work yet her chief was disappeared. No relative, no money, no dwelling, no support Thuy sometimes wanted to die, or to abort; yet both of these solutions seem difficulty! She wanted yet she dared not!!!

In TuDu Hospital there are many of people who visit and feed their relatives giving birth. In this place also there is a status of the EarthGod which is offered offerings by the former. Most of the offerings are fruits. Thuy stood there in a distance to see if there is fruit and nobody takes notice she ask permission from the EarthGod to get the offerings to fill her stomach, yet because only fruit so she always felt hungry.

Fortunately, there is someone introducing her to the priests of CSsR who sent her to Sister Tuyet Hong. Entering the house for the unfortunate women the love of sisters make Thuy lives a better life.

On September 9, 2008, she gave birth a little boy, his weigh is 2,9 kg, named NguyenVu ThaiAn. Now she is staying in Teresa Family in LuongHoa, Vietnam.