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Center for Watershed Protection


Polluted run-off is threatening the future of clean water for our children. We work with communities to ensure clean water resources, using scientific best practices.

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In watersheds all across the country, the Center for Watershed Protection is protecting and restoring water resources from the damaging effects of urban sprawl. In the Yarmouth Watershed in Virginia, we're working to protect critical conservation areas containing rare plants, high quality streams, contiguous forest, diverse wetlands, and bald eagles. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon, we're working on ways to manage stormwater to reduce strains on combined sewer systems. We helped restore a small stream that runs through downtown Burlington, Vermont and into scenic Lake Champlain, where pollution was necessitating beach closures. In Maryland, we designed a facility to remove trash and oil from a one-square mile area in Hickey Run, and helped private landowners restore and protect key trout habitat in Baltimore County. We're researching new ways to use trees to restore urban watersheds, and helping dozens of communities throughout the Chesapeake Bay region promote environmentally friendly development that protects water resources.

The Center is working to make a difference, one watershed at a time.