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Help the Children


Help us alleviate childhood hunger and suffering! We provide food, clothing, medicine, and medical care to needy children in U.S. and around the world.

Real Life

At Children's Network International The Children Say It All

"It makes me feel very good and I prefer to help rather than stay home doing other things."

- Statement made by a 12 year-old after packing food boxes at Children's Network International for needy families

"Thank you for coming to our school. Thank you for taking time off to come and teach us about your work and for showing us how to help people who don't have food. I know God will thank you and bless you for everything you have done."

- Letter received at Children's Network International after a Middle School 'Career Day' presentation

"My name is Ida and I receive food from Children's Network International. My daddy left my mommy when I was 6 years old. Sometimes I have no dinner because my mommy said that we cannot afford any food. But because of Children's Network International I always have food and now my grades have gone up and I make my mommy proud of me. Thank you Children's Network International."

- Letter from a recipient of Children's Network International's assistance