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Child Slavery, Trafficking and Forced Labor Rescue


Devoted to rescuing children facing human trafficking and slavery; protecting exploited child laborers from carpet factories and apparel sheds in Asia; and offering youth development, counseling, rehabilitation and education to fight the cycle of poverty.

Real Life

Nirmala's diary begins: "There was one village. That village was big and beautiful. There was one poor family. They have six members… and that daughter was none other than me." Nirmala is an only daughter born to poor farmers in rural Nepal. There wasn't a single day when there was enough food for all of them. Sometimes there was none at all and she would go to bed hungry. In reflecting on this time, Nirmala wrote, "I used to cry by myself inside my heart." Trying to relieve her parents' burden, she ran away to Kathmandu when she was 10 years old. Eventually, she started work with a carpet weaving sub-contractor. Her hands became bloody and bruised, but she was never paid a single rupee. After two years, a GoodWeave inspector found Nirmala and brought her to our transit home for rescued children. When she arrived, Nirmala didn't even have shoes on her feet. Our social worker and counselor, Rajendra, remembers her early days at our center. "We focused on making her laugh and play. And slowly, she started coming back to normal." After years without proper schooling, Nirmala is catching up to her peers and shows promise to advance her education beyond all expectation. The cover of her diary declares: My True Story Begins Now. Nirmala's story relates another narrative: that of people and companies who act when policies and laws fall short. It is hard to predict how human rights will fit into the world's political and economic landscape, but we know for certain that every euro, dollar, or rupee we spend can be a vote for a better world.