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Saving Children's Lives


Providing food & proper nutrition, clean water, medical & dental care, & education. Fulfilling physical needs is necessary to reaching the spiritual need of needy, abused or starving children and suffereing families trapped in poverty and social injustice.

Real Life

Saving Children's Lives has been serving the Navajo Reservation for many years. From the largest community event in our area, a Christmas dinner where we have served over 750 people annually of which 450 to 500 are children; and every family receives a turkey and other items like blankets and jackets and every child receives a toy. This dinner and outreach to the community is well known in this region, and the people are very thankful for it. They know that they don't have to worry about not having money for a turkey. Saving Children's Lives has brought so many different things to our community. Clothes, bedding, food, water tanks (this has been extremely helpful and definitely fills a need in our community because many people do not have running water here). Water tanks are very expensive and the many families that received one are so happy and grateful. I know all of them personally and the smiles on their faces are like kids on Christmas morning. Our community has been impacted repeatedly by Saving Children's Lives, and we are continuing that relationship and making it stronger and together continuing to make a difference in peoples lives on the Navajo Nation. Saving Children's Lives has visited and gotten to know many of our people, and the real situation that not only the Navajo, but all Native Americans face. We thank all who have supported Saving Children's Lives, because they cannot do it alone. Sincerely, Lisa Harris