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Child Welfare League of America


Help hundreds of thousands of abused and neglected children. Make sure every child will grow up in a safe, loving and stable family.

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Real Life

"Mommy loves me, but she's sick, and she's too tired to work. We got thrown out of our apartment. My daddy used to like to run with his crew, so he didn't come to see us very much. But then something happened. The shelter people told Daddy that I could come live with him if he took classes and learned how to make a home for me. He didn't want me to go to foster care, so he started going to the classes. He met my friend Simon's dad and some other big guys who were learning how to be great daddies, and he started coming to see me at the shelter every day. We went for walks and to the playground, and we got good stuff to eat. The people at the classes helped him find an apartment where we can live together. It's the coolest place! Now Mommy is going to a program too. It's a CWLA program for moms and dads who need to live someplace while they get better and learn how to take good care of kids. Pretty soon, Mommy can come live with us too. I can't wait. I'm growing up fast!"