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Trinity Youth Services


Providing foster care and residential programs for abused, neglected or displaced children, while providing therapy, educational, and social services, encouraging healing and a thriving future.

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Alex, like all children, deserves to experience the moments and celebrations that most of us take for granted, birthdays, holiday, music, and art lessons, but Alex is representative of the children in trinity's care who have been removed from their homes because of abuse and/or neglect. These children are survivors who have had to grow up too fast, missing out in the simple joys of a healthy, happy childhood. With more than 1,500 children in our care on a daily basis, we need Everyday Heroes (people like you) to turn the joyous possibilities of childhood into realities. With the support of Everyday Heroes, Trinity can continue to Be the Difference in the lives of children like Alex, and give them an opportunity to lead happy and productive lives. No matter the size of your donation, your demonstration of kindness will provide children like Alex with hope. Become an Everyday Hero and Be the Difference to a child truly in need.