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Autistic Community Activity Program Inc


A unique program with 1:1 student staff ratio that supports community learning with hands-on assistance, inclusion, and activities meeting safety and educational needs.

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The Autistic Community Activities Program is a non-profit that provides a summer recreational program for children and young adults with Austim. Our supportive summer program is unequatabley unique in that it is designed to allow our campers to be themsleves while successsfuly and safely participating in fun recreational activties within the community. We are proud of our oragnization's longevity of 33 years! In that time we have built a tremendously supportive community consisting of qualified staff, devoted families and growing community partnerships that have come together in making opportunities of inclusion possible for children with Autism.

The impact of the summer program reflected in the annual evaluations conducted at the end of camp and through the growing interest and attendance each year. We have three different site locations in the Portland and Beaverton areas that allow families to have greater access to our camp. The program routinely uses only Tri-Met transportation, which is a main highlighting feature for our campers because it is exciting, accessible, and models important life skills they can utilize in their daily lifes. Our program also aims to provide remarkable social opportunities for our campers to build lasting relationships with same age peers and practice social interactions with community members.

The ACAP staff as a whole is unparalleled. We are a unifed group of program employees who have extensive experiences within education, various community invovement, understanding social and communication disorders and who all strive to make our camper's ACAP experiences the absolute best they can be!