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Shanti Project


Shanti Project improves quality of life and well-being of underserved people facing life's most difficult challenges, including illness, disability, aging, and isolation. We provide compassionate support and critical safety net resources.

Real Life

Within five years, Jerry had lost his partner, his home and his job. Medical expenses had wiped out his savings, forcing him to move into one small room in a hotel. Many of his friends had already died, and others had grown weary from their own repeated losses. He was alone.

Jerry heard about Shanti's new client center, "The Lounge. " Here Jerry could relax, get a hot cup of coffee, talk with other people living with HIV. In "The Lounge, " Jerry met Shanti's in-house Peer Advocate, who linked him to a network of supportive services. But most of all, Jerry could begin to recover what he had lost.

For Jerry, it was the beginning of a new life. Now he receives help from Shanti staff and volunteers in a variety of ways--Transportation, Counseling, Food & Clothing Vouchers, Volunteer Support, and much more.

There are 1,800 people just like Jerry that come through Shanti's doors every year. With your support, Shanti will be able to continue its mission: to enhance the quality of life, improve the well-being and promote the independence of people living with AIDS and breast cancer.