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Meals On Wheels Of San Francisco


Meals On Wheels of SF provides nutritious meals, daily human contact, and supportive services to homebound seniors in San Francisco to prevent their premature institutionalization.

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San Francisco residents enjoy the privilege of living in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Unfortunately, the cost of living here is among the most expensive in the nation. While much of the populace enjoys a high standard of living, many in the elderly community are on fixed incomes. If they are unable to care for themselves independently, they cannot afford to have someone else care for them. Some are bedridden due to illness, while others might simply be unable to navigate the steep flight of stairs, which leads to the outside world. Often far from family, or having outlived their friends and peers, these individuals are alone in the world, and depend on the kindness of their neighbors and services like Meals On Wheels.

For 50 years, Meals On Wheels of San Francisco has been dedicated to serving those who cannot serve themselves. Meals On Wheels' primary focus is to provide proper nutrition to the homebound elderly, which in turn helps them maintain their independence, health and dignity. Your generosity provides meals to more than 1,500 San Francisco seniors each day; but there are still so many others that need help.