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Sacramento SPCA


We work to reduce pet overpopulation through affordable spay/neuter services, promote the humane treatment of animals through education, and assist pet owners through a variety of programs designed to keep dogs and cats and their families together.

Real Life

Living alone amongst a vast sea of storage containers is no life for an aging dog. But that was where we found Esther, a sweet nine-year-old Australian Shepherd mix.

After what we guessed to be weeks on life on her own, Esther was brought to the attention of Sacramento SPCA staff who gently coaxed the frail dog from beneath the enormous container that she had called home.

After arriving at the SPCA shelter, it was discovered that not only was Esther a very social and loving dog, she was also undernourished, suffering from a skin condition and positive for heartworm, a potentially deadly internal parasite. The SPCA started the often grueling heartworm treatment right away, placing Esther in the care of a foster family so that she would have the time she needed to become well enough to find a loving, new home.

After more than a month of healing time in foster care, Esther was adopted by a lovely couple who, despite her age and health issues, fell in love with this wonderful little dog.

It is cases like Esther's that are at the heart of what the Sacramento SPCA so proudly does for the homeless animals of our community. And it is dogs like Esther that rely on us for the compassionate care that the SPCA gives to more than 7,000 animals each year.