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New Horizons Ministries


Our mission is to confront our community's crisis and end homelessness, one young person at a time.

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Success Story

When Jared first came to us, he had been on the streets since he as 14. 5 years total. He always had to fend for himself, even before he was left on the streets. He came to get warm, find a meal, and get cleaned up; the same things most homeless teens are looking for when they first arrive. But he never intended to stay. Jared didn't make eye contact, barely said a word, and went about as if no one else existed. He just wanted to do his business and get on his way. Our team approached him and asked him how he was doing. One word answers. Clearly uninterested. But he came back the next day, and the next. We kept asking. Eventually we encouraged him to apply for one of our job training programs. He did. He got a job as a barista. His start on the job was rough. He was cordial, but cold. A hard worker, but mostly uninterested in pleasantries. Everyday he'd leave work and shake his boss's hand and say thank you. It was matter of fact and distant, but it was consistent. It was at about 4 months on the job that things started to change. He started to talk a little bit more, would look people in the eyes, and even smiled occasionally. One day he told us that he'd been clean for 30 days! He said he loved to draw and that he was using it to help him start this new life. He started to banter. He opened up about who he was. He was a different person. Then he found an apartment. He walked in jingling his new keys. We rang the bell we always ring when a young person gets a new place. It was beautiful. He said he is discovering who he is for the first time in his life. He has hope. It all started because someone decided to care. Someone like you dared to reach out.