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Families First, Inc.


Prevention and intervention to end the cycle of child abuse and neglect. Parenting education and support (English, Spanish).

Real Life

Sofia called the other day. She calls every now and then to let us know that she is OK and to make sure we remember her. How could we forget?? Sofia moved into the Children's Treatment Center at Families First when she was eight, after years of physical and sexual abuse. During two years of intensive treatment, Sofia stopped trying to hurt herself. She learned that she was not worthless and that she did not deserve the things that had happened to her. She started to make friends and participate in outings with our other children. She felt safe. Safe enough to tell her mother that she was angry with her for not protecting her … and that she still loved her. Sophia is 12 now and lives with her Mom. They are still in therapy together and Sofia reports that it is going well. Sophia sounds just like a typical middle school student - excited about friends, clothes, movies, music and getting her first cell phone….on which she called to make sure we are still here….happy to know that we will not forget her.

The Children's Center is a residential treatment facility for children who have mental health needs stemming from abuse and/or neglect. The Children's Center treats children age 3 to 12. The average stay is six months. Families First also offers parenting groups & classes and a supportline (English & Spanish) available to anyone parenting a child.