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Small Steps Nurturing Center


Small Steps provides an early childhood education program that fosters the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of economically at-risk children and their families.

Real Life

Small Steps believes that the most impactful way to serve our students and families is to serve the whole individual. Inherent in both the mission of Small Steps and the principles that form SET for LifeŠ are a respect for the individual and deep relationships with families. Because of the love God has given to us, we at Small Steps in turn strive to serve our children in a loving and meaningful way. The story below exhibits one way in which the SET for Life program can change the social-emotional trajectory of not just the life of a child, but that of the entire family.

The Johnsons have two children at Small Steps. The father was incarcerated this past year and the mother had a hard time talking to the children about it. The teachers noticed something was off when both of the children's behavior had turned more negative. So, our teachers and therapists talked to Ms. Johnson about what might be going on at home and helped her make a plan for talking to her children about their father's incarceration. Our therapists helped the children name their feelings and their desire to visit Dad in jail. The Johnsons have since had regular visits to see their Dad and are able to openly express their desires to visit him. The SET for Life program at Small Steps-which includes everything from the language of naming feelings, to the therapists who work with our students and families-has transformed the way the Johnson family has been able to cope with a difficult situation. SET for Life enables us to serve the whole individual, dealing not just with the external behavior of students but helping families to work through their larger struggles in order to thrive