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Birthright Humble


Helping women make life choices for themselves and baby by providing free tests, medical referrals, maternity clothes, baby items, prenatal classes, adoption referrals, housing referrals and education with nonjudgmental counseling.

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Success Story

Mary was waiting outside the office for us to open. She walked about half a mile that morning to get to the office for a pregnancy test. After getting the office open and ready for clients, the volunteer noticed Mary was in pain. She quickly did the test. Mary had a positive result. The volunteer was concerned for Mary and suggested she immediately see a doctor. Mary refused to go to the emergency room but rather wanted to go home with the promise that she would go in the evening if it didn't get better. The volunteer offered to drive Mary home. Mary returned to the office two weeks later to tell us it was a severe UTI. She also blessed us with the news that she decided to carry the baby to term. During this visit, she asked if we knew of agencies that would help pay utilities. Our staff gave her numerous numbers and the director helped with a payment toward her bill. Mary does have a job but due to circumstances got behind on her bills.

Mary is like many clients in that she has multiple needs. The decision to have a baby sometimes is based on all the needs at that time. A small gesture of paying part of an electric bill can make a big difference in a woman's state of mind. Birthright loves to help women such as Mary.