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Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas


When feelings of hopelessness lead people to think that suicide is their only option, they can't wait for help. They need to talk to someone, now. We help adults, teens and veterans find hope for the future.

Real Life

Following is an excerpt from a letter that was written by an individual that attended our Survivors of Suicide (SOS) program which is a grief support program for those that have lost a loved one to suicide.

"...I would like to extend my thanks for this wonderful program. Our phone call to your office a year ago, was in all honesty, a lifesaver. As only a survivor of suicide knows all too well, finding help is very difficult, finding an SOS group that actually brings you back to a path of recovery, is miraculous. The outreach program works, especially with the right people guiding you through that process. God bless you, and thank you for me, and my family."