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Winston School San Antonio


The Winston School San Antonio provides a personalized, college preparatory education to students with high potential and identified learning differences.

Real Life

In public school I failed kindergarten and second grade. I was diagnosed as being severely dyslexic. The school district met with my parents to tell them that I would need extreme help and they shouldn't expect too much out of me.

When I reached middle school, I was an academic failure. I was two grades behind. One day, I was completely fed up. I came home from school and said I wouldn't go back. Then someone told me about the Winston School. My parents said there was no way would I be able to attend -- it costs too much money.

Then a miracle happened. My parents took out a loan and I began Winston in the ninth grade three and a half years ago. Winston has made all the difference. Being at Winston has helped me succeed in ways that would have been impossible in other schools. I have made many friends. Winston is the place I come to learn, to have fun, and to be with my friends. I have worked for this day, and now stand at the edge of a dream. May we jump and fly and soar into a new day, a new tomorrow.