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Hospice Austin


Every day of every life matters. We provide family-centered, quality end-of-life care for terminally ill patients, emphasizing compassion, independence, respect and dignity.

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Thank you for partnering with Hospice Austin!

While our day-to-day routines have changed a lot, Hospice Austin’s commitment to compassionate care has only deepened during the pandemic. Most patients who qualify for Charity and Uninsured Care have a diagnosis of terminal cancer, and they tend to be younger than other Hospice Austin patients. 

Over the last few months, Hospice Austin has identified new ways to serve patients of all diagnoses, including a care team dedicated to patients with COVID-19. According to one of the nurses, Valerie, every day is different. Recently, one of her patients recovered from the virus, and was doing so well that he was just discharged! Our care teams have done an excellent job of balancing in-person visits with telehealth for patients. While telehealth is still new for Hospice Austin and for many of our older patients, it can be very effective.

Keeping people connected at the end of life is a critical part of the hospice model, and has become even more important during the pandemic. For example, some of our patients cannot have visitors due to new safety regulations at local nursing facilities, and Hospice Austin’s Christopher House. With a little creativity, our staff are keeping loved ones connected, and visiting patients who might otherwise be isolated.  In the words of one community member: “A friend of mine was recently admitted to Hospice Austin’s care after she and her husband decided it was time. My friends truly appreciate that hospice workers are putting themselves on the front line to ease their burden, and I personally am so thankful that someone is able to be there in their home for them right now, when we cannot.”