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American YouthWorks


American YouthWorks provides young people with opportunities to build careers, strengthen communities, and improve the environment through education, on-the-job training, and service.

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American YouthWorks is home to two primary programs: YouthBuild Austin(AYW-YB) and Texas Conservation Corps (TxCC).

AYW-YB is a holistic youth services program that combines academics with career training, leadership development, and community service at no cost to our students. Students are given the opportunity to complete their education and gain valuable technical skills though our various career tracks. AYW-YB also provides customized support services, and a re-entry track for youth exiting the criminal justice system.

TxCC provides young people with extensive training opportunities in conservation and disaster relief efforts. Each year TxCC engages diverse young people in conservation and disaster relief efforts. Members work within state and national parks, and protected lands. In 2015, TxCC served on 98 conservation projects, assisted 685 survivors, leveraged the help of 10,731 volunteers at disaster sites, and provided mitigation services to 1,431 individuals.

Our Impact Story: "Willard Simmons joined YouthBuild Austin in spring 2014 after being incarcerated for 18 months. Willard struggled to adjust to life outside of prison. He faced numerous obstacles, including mental health and behavioral issues, which previously prevented him from achieving his goal to graduate. Nevertheless, Willard had firm determination. YouthBuild staff was dedicated to seeing Willard become successful, and continually worked with him throughout the process. Once Willard found the support he needed, he began making rapid progress toward his high school diploma and even graduated early. In June, Willard was hired at the City of Austin's Public Works Department."