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Austin Child Guidance Center


We provide accessible, high-quality mental health services to children and their families empowering them to thrive in childhood and beyond.

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Success Story

6-year-old Mark is a survivor of sexual abuse whose mom brought him to ACGC for therapy services when she noticed he was having numerous symptoms potentially related to his trauma history. According to Mom, Mark had also been showing signs of ADHD since he was approximately 2 years old. He had a history of struggling in school due to inattention and physical aggression towards other children. Due to Mark’s age and presenting concerns, the family’s Therapist started treatment in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). Since starting treatment, Mom graduated from the first phase of PCIT, demonstrating numerous positive, responsive parenting skills that help Mark regulate his emotions and allow him to express himself. The child’s weekly assessment scores significantly decreased, demonstrating improvement in behavior overall, and, after several months of therapy, Mom stopped receiving reports of Mark being physically aggressive towards other children. Their ACGC Therapist also provided internal referrals for psychological assessment and psychiatric services. Mom attributes the completion of the family’s goals and Mark’s significant behavior changes to the combination of different services provided at ACGC. The family is currently engaged in the second and final phase of PCIT, and Mom continues to report improvement over time.