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Scleroderma Research Foundation


Our singular focus is finding a cure for scleroderma. The SRF funds and facilitates the most promising scientific research that will result in improved therapies - and ultimately a cure - for this life-threatening and debilitating disease.

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The SRF is the United States’ leading nonprofit investor in scleroderma research and is laser-focused on finding a cure for this rare and deadly disease. We facilitate collaboration among the world’s top scientists and medical institutions and fund the most promising research to help us understand the causes, discover treatments, and ultimately eradicate this disease.

Led by the most distinguished scientific minds, our research program takes a multi-faceted approach, investing in the most innovative ideas that will expand our knowledge of scleroderma, its underlying causes, and new treatments that will allow patients to live longer, fuller lives. SRF- funded projects fall within one or more of these categories of discovery:

  • Understanding Who Gets Scleroderma (Genetics and Epigenetics of Susceptibility)
  • Unraveling How Scleroderma Progresses (Pathobiology of Initiation, Propagation, and Regulation)
  • Helping to Find a Cure (Enabling the Development of Patient-Specific Medicine)

We believe that no one should have to suffer with scleroderma. and that no one suffering should also have to explain what this disease is or does. Lack of awareness causes delays in treatment or misdiagnosis. This must end. Together, with scientists, clinicians, patients, industry partners, and donors, we are are the best hope of advancing research for a cure.