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Humane Society of Greater Miami


Our limited admit, adoption guarantee animal shelter is dedicated to placing every dog and cat in our care into a loving home. We promote responsible pet ownership, and spay/neuter programs. Your support saves these deserving animals.

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Success Story


Boomer was born in a backyard underneath a broken-down old car; his mother disappeared and he was left to fend for himself. Boomer learned quickly that humans were a strange breed. The lady who lived across the street fed him scraps but the boy across the street threw rocks at him.

Boomers ribs began to show and he looked like a little bag of bones. A new neighbor moved in, took one look at Boomer and decided to help him. She fed him daily and spoke softly to him to try to earn his trust. One day she got close enough to put a collar around his neck and rushed him to the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

After being overlooked for two long years, a family came in, saw Boomer and asked to see him - he looked like he would make a fine pet. He went home, and finally we saw him wag his tail!

Our hearts and of course Boomer's heart were broken when two days later his father brought him back. He said that Boomer was not well-trained and he just didn't have the time to train him.

Six months later another family came in, took one look at Boomer and fell in love. We explained that Boomer would need some training - they didn't care. They were going to do whatever it took to make sure he was loved and felt secure. And the good news is that Boomer is still with his forever family!