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Barker Adoption Foundation, The


The Barker Adoption Foundation's mission is to provide life-long adoption-related services for birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents and advocate for ethical, respectful, and child-centered adoption practices.

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My name is Noel Andres, and I am 14 years old. I describe myself as a fun and loving boy ready to experience life and its many possibilities. My journey has not always been fun or an easy one. I was ten years old when my three younger sisters and I were placed in foster care. It was a difficult road for us, changing schools and homes, and many times I wondered where life would lead us. However, I was always hopeful that my sisters and I would be ok and find our forever family. I met my dad right before my 14th birthday. At that time, I had a different name and had high hopes of starting a new chapter. I was always looking for the right person to come into my life, spend quality time with me and create lasting memories. 

When I met my dad, I quickly learned we had a connection, and I felt like never before. I knew he would be the one to share life experiences with me.We share the same Hispanic culture, love of food, and shopping, just to name a few. My dream and prayers for finding the right parent(s) have come true. As my adoption became finalized, I wanted to start a fresh new chapter, so I asked my dad if I could change my name. I felt that my name assigned at birth was not right for me. I chose a name that would make me feel powerful and confident about myself. Noel empowers and builds my confidence while my middle name honors my grandfather, who I loved so much when I was young, but also happens to be my new dad’s great grandfather’s name.  

To anyone who may be reading my short story, I say to keep positive and fight for what you believe in. A family is not about DNA but about the love and care you feel and build together.