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Women's Recovery Services, A Unique Place


Safe, non-threatening, healing environment providing 120-180 day residential treatment for recovery from alcohol/nicotine/chemical dependence to women and their young children.

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Success Story

I'd like to tell you about Susan who came into treatment for her substance dependence four years ago this month. She was pregnant with her third child and had lost custody of the other two who were living with her parents. She "planned" to leave treatment as soon as she arrived, but that plan was foiled by her swollen stomach and feet. She made a turn around in thought when her son was born. She successfully completed treatment three months later and moved into our Transitional House staying there for an additional year before moving into her own apartment, now with her three children.

Susan immediately found a job and enrolled in the Human Services Certificate Program at Santa Rosa Junior College. She applied for and received scholarships to make this happen. Upon completion of the Human Services Certificate she made the decision to go into nursing and applied at both Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University nursing programs. In national testing necessary for admittance she scored in the 90th percentile and will be starting at SRJC later this month.

The success of clients is measured differently for each client. Susan's potential is greater than some others but success prevails in more than 50% of our women who successfully complete the 90 days of primary residential treatment followed by nine months in staff facilitated AfterCare.