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Organization Information

Lafayette Work Center Inc.


We develop workskills, self-esteem and social belonging in deserving individuals who are often overlooked and underestimated.We're a packaging workshop employing 290 adults with disabilities.

Real Life

Kimmie was mentally and physically challenged. She had completed the Special School District curriculum and her job prospects were extremely limited. Then her mother found out about a sheltered workshop that wouldn't turn anyone away due to lack of ability or the level of support an individual required. Kimmie started at Lafayette at age 21. Her family was unsure that Kimmie would be able to succeed in a full time job. She was withdrawn, anxious and even fearful.

But soon a change came over Kimmie. A cheerful demeanor and sense of pride began to emerge. She was excited by being a part of something vital and earning a paycheck. Every day, working side by side as a team, Kimmie and her co-workers' various disabilities would fade to the background as they went about the business of hand assembly and packaging.

Kimmie chattered constantly with her family about the activities and people at Lafayette. She also enjoyed all of the social functions that Lafayette organized.

For the next 29 years Kimmie worked at Lafayette until her sudden death in 2011. But Kimmie's enthusiasm and spirit lives on in every one of the 370 sheltered employees that still call Lafayette their "home".

Lafayette Workshop was founded in 1976. We provide meaningful, productive and long-lasting careers in the packaging industry to adults with disabilities. We strive to instill a sense of pride through workmanship in every employee.