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Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo, Inc.


Warmth. Peace. Comfort. Together with community, local vendors, designers and volunteers, we transform drab and sad chemotherapy facilities into uplifting enviroments, spiritually supporting cancer patients.

Real Life

Upon reading about RoomsThatRock4Chemo in the Marin IJ Newspaper, Corinne F, a French Architect was inspired to transform the very chemotherapy community room in which she was receiving treatment.

Although quite ill, she submitted her plan and was approved. It gave her a project to work on as she sat for hours in the room she saw as drab and uninspiring. As her installation date drew near, she was no longer physically able to manage her team or see her projected plan realized. She had to let it go and was devastated. Several days later, Executive Director Nancy Ballard put out a call for volunteers and ten people who had never met each other or Corinne, worked to have Corinne's vision become a reality. The donated time, effort and expertise of strangers and businesses alike definitely made a difference for Corinne and others.

Volunteer teams change, as do the local vendors who donate all that is needed. What remains the same with each project is the kindness of sweet hearts willing to give of their time and talents to make the chemo experience a little bit more hopeful, safe and lovely.

Corinne was able to visit the team as they worked, amazed and overwhelmed as she expressed her tremendous joy at the beauty and kindness that surrounded her. Several days later, she returned to her home country and left this message"...You are a real inspiration. Having nothing more than paint in hand to Rock the room and it is such a graceful result. Thank you for all chemo patient like myself, who will be receiving positive and healing energy from warm colors of the room. Great for a convalescence, I wish I could have started chemo now Corinne.