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Organization Information

Warrior Canine Connection, Inc.


Help recovering Warriors reconnect with life, their families and community. We enlist Warriors in a therapeutic mission of learning to train service dogs for their fellow Veterans. Your gift brings the healing power of dogs to our Nation's heroes.

Real Life

A young Marine Sgt. was referred to the WCC program as part of his treatment for PTSD and TBI. He was having great difficulty sleeping, with isolation, regulating his emotions and parenting his four-year-old daughter. This Marine did, however, love dogs and jumped at the chance to participate in the WCC program. He was instructed to use the “praise voice” when marking and reinforcing desired behaviors, while regulating his emotions when correcting unwelcome behaviors. Once he developed a bond with the dog and developed sufficient handling skills, he was allowed to take the dog overnight. Following his sleepover, he reported a significant improvement in his quality of sleep. The dynamics between the Marine and his daughter also improved. He was encouraged to use the same praise and patience with his child. He said that learning to train the dog had a profound impact on his parenting style. He began to look for chances to praise her and set her up for success, rather than focusing on her mistakes, He now has his own service dog and is developing a service dog program for other Vets at his local VA.