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Operation Food Search


We are a leader in hunger relief and advocacy, nourishing and educating low-income at-risk kids, adults and families who struggle with food insecurity through food/meal distribution, childhood hunger programs, and lessons on healthy cooking on a budget.

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Operation Food Search responds 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through the Hunger Hotline where those in need can find information on where to find food assistance as well as other kinds of help. Nearly 1,000 calls a month are received.

We work beyond emergency food relief by providing nutrition education for families to make sound nutrition choices and to prepare healthy, affordable meals. In addition, our innovative Fresh Rx program provides qualifying participants with weekly shares of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein to help improve their health.

Nausha was expecting her fourth daughter when she joined the Fresh Rx program. Because she qualified as food insecure, she was able to receive fresh, nutritious food every week that could help support a healthy pregnancy. In addition, she was given cooking tools, recipes and instruction about making affordable meals. "Cooking more and sitting together at the table more has brought my family closer together,” Nausha reports. She recently delivered a healthy, full-term baby girl and has begun working for Operation Food Search, helping coordinate food deliveries for other recipients.