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Children's Disability Service Association


So many disabled children and adults are reminded of their limitations daily. Our camp, respite, therapeutic horseback riding and travel programs show them they can! Providing life-changing experiences that enhance their independence and self-esteem.

Real Life

Cory's Dad is deployed serving "Operation Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan. Your respite program now provides me with a "breath of fresh air" and camp provides male role models for Cory (that he is missing with his Dad gone). Renee H. (Cory's Mom)

Cory has participated in Children's Disability Service Association's programs (CDSA) for several years. He is fifteen years old but functions much like a six year old due to his severe to developmental disability and hearing impairment. Cory requires constant care and supervision because he has no understanding of dangerous situations. He needs help with most aspects of his daily personal care and has many behavioral issues including aggression and self-abuse. Ever since Cory's Dad has been deployed, Renee has cared for her son alone - as he has grown older, it has become more difficult for her. She has told us more than once that CDSA has been a lifesaver for her family, especially in the last few months.

Having a child with a disability can be difficult, but when a parent is asked to serve his country, the stress is even greater for the spouse at home. CDSA is here to help families like Renee's, but we need your continued support.