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American Family Housing


American Family Housing provides housing to 1300+ women, men and children each year. AFH's services help vulnerable populations recover from the long-term affects of homelessness.

Real Life

On a drizzly Sunday morning in 1984, Jim Miller drove into a neighborhood park with food he collected for the homeless who stayed there. The park was nearly deserted; with the exception of an elderly couple seated on a park bench, holding hands. The man, 68, and his wife, 57, were homeless. Retired, they had gone through all their savings paying for medical bills. All the money they had to live on came from the man's social security payments, which weren't enough to cover rent, utilities and food. From fear of separating, they refused to turn to the YMCA or YWCA. After leaving two small bags of food, some blankets and clothing, Jim left the park wishing he could have done more for the was their 38th wedding anniversary.

At that moment, Jim realized he could do more. He gathered a group of volunteers and formed Shelter For The Homeless, which incorporated in 1985. Over 15 years, it has evolved from a one-house facility to an organization of over 47 shelters, housing up to 1,146 people on any given night.